Saturday, 3 July 2010

Just starting out

It's a funny thing, but throughout years of being a computer geek, and over ten years now working as a Sys Admin, I've never really had a go at blogging before now.

I suppose there are a couple of reasons behind this. Firstly, while I love technology of course, I've never been a massive fan of technology for its own sake. Sure, show me a shiny new toy and I'll drool like the next geek, but once the spittle has dried, the reality dawns that while pretty or simply cool in a geek way, the lustre far outweighs the substance. Secondly, and perhaps more specific to blogging, I've never seen the point of blogging for the sake of blogging. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of fantastic blogs out there that I've enjoyed reading over the years, but unless you have something worthwhile to say, you're doomed to end up as yet another "for breakfast I had...", "same stuff different day...", "isn't 'stuff' great..." blogger.

So considering what I've said above, what made me decide to start this blog now? Well over the years there have been the odd things here and there that I've thought it might be interesting to write about, but never sufficient to bother starting a blog just for them. Recently though I've been reading more and more about PowerShell, and finally decided to take the plunge and learn it. I've read loads of articles, guides and blogs relating to using PowerShell, many of which are fantastically written, but one thing I've noticed is that they all seem to be from people who are already quite competent programmers. I've done my fair share of scripting over the years to automate various sysadmin tasks, but I'm far from proficient, so I thought it might be interesting to write about my experiences from that angle.

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